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Western Region Track And Field Competition

Order of Events: 13th June 2015
All seniors compete with U19
400m H18 B84cm80m13 G
400m H19B91 cm13 B
400m H18 G76 cm14 G
400m H19 G76cm14 B
300m H17 G76cm100m15 G/B
300m H17 B76cm16 G/B
250m H15B76cm17 G/B
250m H16B76cm18 G/B
250m H15G68 cm19 G/B
250m H16G68 cm
Move all hurdles to the sprints area lanes 3-81500m14+15 G
2000m W14 G/B14+15 B
15 G/B16-19 G
16 G/B16-19 B
3000m W17 G/B
18 G200m14 G/B
19 G15 G/B
5000m W18 B16 G/B
19 B17 G/B
60m H13G68cm18 G/B
13B68cm19 G/B
75m H14G68 cm
14B75cm400m17 G
80m H15G+16G80cm18 G
15B80cm19 G
100m H17G76CM17 B
18 G18 B
19 G84cm19 B
16 B84cm
17 B91 cm3000m16-Sen B
110 H18 B91 cm18/19 G
19 B99cm
S/C17G – 2000m76CM600m13 G
18G-2000m76CM13 B
18 G- 3000m76CM800m14 G
17B- 2000m91cm14 B
18B- 3000m91cm15 G
19 B-3000m91cm15 B
16/17 G
lunch break16-19 B
18-19 G