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Virtual Relay – The Rematch!

This Saturday, May 30th, our second Virtual Relay takes place and we encourage ALL club members (juveniles and seniors) to take part. Run/jog for 30 minutes within your 5km radius.

Emails have been sent out already with the timetable included. Members that have not received the email, please send a message to the club Facebook page or email with your preferred start time.

Our previous relay was good fun with 87 members taking part. This Saturday also sees the renewing of the North Longford v South Longford ‘rivalry’ with less than a kilometre in the difference the last day.

Who will claim the bragging rights this time?!

Are You North or South?

Using the location of St. Mel’s Cathedral as a dividing point to split the county in two, members will be assigned to a team based on their home address! From the distances recorded by everyone on the day, we will find out if the northsiders or the southsiders have covered the most ground in total!