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The 4th Annual NORTH WEST INDOOR GAMES takes place on Saturday December 29th, 2018 at AIT Indoor Arena. All Clubs in Connacht have been invited to take part. Please open document to see more details.

The first event starts at 10am, detailed timetable and order of events will be issued a few days before. The Events are based on 2018 age groups (*you can move up a year for more challenge!)

All entries must be submitted and paid to organising County next week. They will NOT accept any late entry or no entries on the day. Deadline for Longford AC entries is 5pm on Monday December 10th.

The Indoor Track & Field Season starts in January and all children will move up 1 age group on January 1st. All children Born in 2008 will be U12 for all competitions in 2019.

This competition on Dec 29th is optional and is a pre-season warm up!

If your child is interested in competing please email with child’s name, date of birth and events they want to enter (maximum is 3 events).