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The 5th Annual NORTH WEST INDOOR GAMES takes place on Saturday December 28th, 2019 at AIT Indoor Arena. All Clubs in Connacht have been invited to take part. 

View following document for more details:


Note that the organisers for the event are only allowing particular counties take part in the u12 60m sprint and u12 60m hurdles. Longford AC children can NOT take part in these events. 

Please note that last years event was a very long day. We had close to 10 athletes taking part, and many were there from early morning until late evening. This is a particular problem if your child is taking part in sprints and then has to hang around for a middle distance event typically held later in the day.

The first event starts at 10am, detailed timetable and order of events will be issued a few days before. The Events are based on 2019 age groups (*you can move up a year for more challenge!)

Deadline for Longford AC entries is 9pm on Thursday December 12th.

If your child is interested to compete please email with child’s name, date of birth and events they want to enter (maximum is 3 events).

This competition is optional and is a pre-season warm up!