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Longford AC teenagers in top form, qualifying for Nationals in 24 individual events

Connacht Outdoor Track & Field Championships, Day 2

17th June 2017 at Sligo IT                           

Longford Athletics Club U14+ juveniles were in great form in the beaming sunshine on Day 2 of the Connacht Outdoor Track and Field Championships at Sligo IT. They came away with qualifications for Athletics Ireland National finals in 24 individual events that will take place on several dates in July in Tullamore.

The very long programme of events is a balancing act as many of the teenage athletes competed in 3 individual events after already achieving success on relay teams which was the first event of the day. The 100m sprint was the most popular race which many combined with long jump and the 200m. The middle distance runners had to excel in the 1500m while saving enough reserve to tackle the 800m.

Experienced athletes Nelvin Appiah, Cian McPhillips and Adeyemi Talabi all returned home to Longford with multiple Gold medals each. Gospel  Idahor, Joe Reilly and Brendan Finnan won a pair of Silver medals apiece. Newest Club member Davidson Olusanya impressed on his first outing with Bronze in the 100m sprint and 6th place in the U15 Boys 200m. In total 13 juveniles in the older age groups now get the opportunity to compete at National level.

Longford Athletics Club Track & Field Results for U14+ age groups


Davidson Olusanya, U15 Boys, 13.48 seconds, 3rd place

Adeyemi Talabi, U16 Girls, 12.76 seconds, 1st place

Killian Rawle, U16 Boys, 12.43 seconds = 4th place

Gospel Idahor,U17 Girls, 13.08 seconds = 2nd place

Nelvin Appiah, U17 Boys, 11.72 seconds= 1st place

Aaron Kelly,U18 Boys, 12.09 seconds = 4th place


Brendan Finnan, U15 Boys 80m, 14.1 seconds= 1st place

Corey Molloy, U18 Boys 110m, 18.41 seconds=4th place


Christopher Conaty, U15 Boys, 28.02 seconds= 4th place

Killian Rawle, U16 Boys, 25.04 seconds= 2nd place

Gospel Idahor, U17 Girls, 27.98 seconds = 2nd place          

Nelvin Appiah, U17 Boys, 23.58 seconds=1st place


Dylan Horkan, U18 Boys, 55.7 seconds=3rd place


Jack Gallagher, U14 Boys, 2:24.82 minutes= 3rd place

Christopher Conaty, U15 Boys, 2:19.71 minutes = 1st place

Joe Reilly, U15 Boys, 2:21.62 minutes = 2nd place

Cian McPhillips, U16 Boys, 2:04.69 minutes =1st place     


Joe Reilly, U15 Boys, 4:51.82 minutes = 2nd place

Cian McPhillips, U16 Boys, 4:21.52 minutes =1st place

Field Events

High Jump U15 Brendan Finnan, 1.45m= 2nd place 

High Jump U17 Nelvin Appiah, 1.80m= 1st place

Javelin U15 Brendan Finnan, 25.15m = 2nd place 

Long Jump U16 Adeyemi   Talabi, 4.95m= 1st place

Long Jump U16 Killian Rawle, 5.04m= 3rd place


Longford Athletics Club U14+ Juveniles competing on Day 2 of the Connacht Outdoor Track and Field Championships at Sligo IT. They qualified for Athletics Ireland National Finals in 24 individual events ranging from javelin, high jump, 800m and Hurdles in July in Tullamore.