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Longford Athletics Club juvenile training returns this Friday, September 11th. The session will be one hour in duration and will take place outdoors at the Mall.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the start time has had to be moved forward 30 minutes. The weekly session will now be from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Groups have been drawn up and you should have received notification of this by email. Please note the group in which your child/children have been allocated.

Each group has a set coach and we aim to keep the sessions fun and varied by having the children doing different athletic activities. Group sizes are restricted to comply with current Athletics Ireland guidelines allowing coaching to be conducted in a safe manner. Furthermore, there will be hand sanitiser for the juveniles/coaches upon entry and exit from the astroturf area as well as the sanitizing down of athletic equipment after use.

Some further important points:

– In advance of each session, the parent/guardian is required to please complete the Health Screening Questionnaire on behalf of their child/children. Please complete and submit no later than 5.30pm on the day of training. The form link is:

– Coaching for groups 1-4 will take place on the astroturf pitch and groups 5-6 will train in the area adjacent to the astroturf.

– Upon arrival, children are to assemble with their respective group. Each group leader will have a sign indicating the group number.

– Children are asked to bring their own filled, marked water bottle.

– As training is taking place outdoors, please ensure your child is suitably dressed taking into consideration the weather.

– Any updates regarding training (such as a cancellation for example) will be communicated by both text and email.

– There will be no training during the mid-term break, i.e. October 30th.

– Instead of the traditional pay per session, we are asking that a payment of €12 per child covering the first seven sessions (up to mid-term) be made on week 2 – Friday September 18th. We will distribute envelopes this Friday (Sept 11th) with the child’s name already written on each and request that these envelopes be used for making payment on the 18th.

This will reduce the handling of cash and allow for the timely start of each session.

– Thanks to the parents who have expressed interest in assisting our coaches. Our coaches will have further information on Friday on how you can help. We welcome all help over the coming Friday evenings, so please let the coach know if you can assist in any way.

Sorry for all the detail. We thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Following the long break, our club coaches look forward to returning to Friday evening training and seeing our juveniles back out enjoying their athletics and having fun.