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Information for 2016

2016 Registration is now open, Cost €20 per person, €50 for 3 or more children in the same family. This is good for Jan-Dec each year and is essential for Athletics Ireland membership\insurance.   Every athlete (Seniors, Juveniles, Little Athletics) must be a registered member of Longford AC in order to attend training and enter competition.

Little Athletics

Little Athletics focuses on agility, balance and coordination for children in the 6-9 year age group. It takes place every Friday evening 7-8pm indoors at the Mall Complex, cost €2 each week. This session lasts 1 hour and we request that all parents remain for the hour.


Children must be aged 9 years and above to attend Juvenile training sessions. Every Wednesday outdoor running at Ardagh GAA grounds, 7-8pm and Friday evenings 7-7:45 pm outdoors at the Mall Complex, cost €2 each. Sessions are organised once a month, and more frequently before competitions, at the indoor track at Athlone IT, 7-8:30pm. Parents are responsible to make their own arrangements regarding transport to and from AIT. Please arrive early and be ready to start promptly, cost €3 per child for the track sessions and the Club subsidises the rest of the cost.

Age categories are based on the entire calendar year.  No athlete may obtain a birthday in the year of competition and compete in that age.

In 2016 Child will turn Age 8 years (Born 2008) = U9

In 2016 Child will turn Age 9 years (Born 2007) = U10

In 2016 Child will turn Age 10 years (Born 2006) = U11

In 2016 Child will turn Age 11 years (Born 2005) = U12

In 2016 Child will turn Age 12 years (Born 2004) = U13

In 2016 Child will turn Age 13 years (Born 2003) = U14

In 2016 Child will turn Age 14 years (Born 2002) = U15

In 2016 Child will turn Age 15 years (Born 2001) = U16

In 2016 Child will turn Age 16 years (Born 2000) = U17

In 2016 Child will turn Age 17 years (Born 1999) = U18


2016 Upcoming Competition Dates for Juvenile Athletics- Connacht & National events

23/01 National Indoor Combined Events (U14-16), AIT Indoor Arena

24/01 National Juvenile “B” Cross Country, Dundalk

20/02 Connacht Indoor Track & Field, ages U12 & U13 only, AIT Indoor Arena

21/02 Connacht Indoor Track & Field, ages U14+, AIT Indoor Arena

12, 13 & 19/03 National Juvenile Indoor T&F Championships, 3 Days, AIT Indoor Arena

04/06 Connacht U9-11 pairs and U12 Outdoor Track & Field, Dangan, Galway

11/06 Connacht U13+ Outdoor Track & Field, Sligo IT

02/07 National U9-11 pairs Outdoor T&F and Combined Events (U14-U16 ages only), Tullamore

9, 10, 23 & 24/07 National Juvenile Track & Field Championships, 4 Days, Tullamore


Connacht Indoor Track & Field Championship: Saturday Feb 20 for U12 (Born 2005) & U13 (Born 2004) only. Sunday Feb 21 for all athletes U14+, at Athlone IT indoor track. All Longford AC athletes must wear white shorts, white socks and the blue Club Singlet for all competitions. Athletes can compete in up to 3 individual events plus a relay.

Boys\Girls U12Boys\Girls U13  Boys\Girls U14
Born 2005Born 2004Born 2003
60m Sprint60m Sprint60m Sprint
60m Hurdles  60mHurdles
600m600m  800m
  1000m Walk
Relay 4 x 100mRelay 4 x 100m  Relay 4 x 200m
High JumpHigh JumpHigh Jump
Long JumpLong JumpLong Jump
Shot Put 2KgShot Put 2KgShot Put 2.72Kg\2Kg

Athletes U14+ must use starting blocks, this is optional for U12 &U13. Only 5mm Spikes can be used. IAAF False Start Rules apply: U16 upwards First false start leads to disqualification. For U13, U14 & U15 One false start and all are on warning of next false start leading to disqualification. Athletes are not permitted to carry or use electronic recording or transmission equipment (e.g.: earphones, tablets, iPods, smart phones etc) in the competition area.

Where a heat is listed if insufficient competitors check in a FINAL will be held at heat time. For the 600m, 800m and 1500m races if 12 or less athletes check in, at the discretion of the track referee, a FINAL will be held at heat time. The first 3 medallists in every event qualify for the National Indoor Championships in March.

Coaches and parents are not allowed on the track at any time. Any parent or club official found on the track risk the possibility of their athlete and club being disqualified.  ALL FIELD EVENT ATHLETES MUST BE TECHNICALLY PROFICIENT AND COMPETENT IN THE EVENT IN THE INTEREST OF SAFETY. Warm up marks for field events should be completed where possible before the time schedule.

In the Indoor Relays an athlete may move up one age group as long as at least 2 members of a competing relay team, participating in that event on that day must be of the correct age.

Boys\Girls U15 Boys\Girls U16Boys\Girls U17
Born 2002Born 2001Born 2000
60m Sprint60m Sprint60m Sprint
60m Hurdles60m Hurdles60m Hurdles
1000m Walk1500m Walk1500m Walk
Relay 4 x 200mRelay 4 x 200mRelay 4 x 200m
High JumpHigh JumpHigh Jump
Long JumpLong JumpLong Jump
Shot Put 3Kg\2.72KgShot Put 4Kg\3KgShot Put 5Kg\3Kg
Pole VaultPole VaultPole Vault