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Indoor Athletics training for teenage members

Starting Monday September 11th we are going to have a weekly indoor strength and conditioning session with sprint drills in the gymnasium at The Mall only for juveniles that are in secondary school (MUST be age 12+ years old).  Every Monday, 8-9pm, cost €10 for 4 weeks. We are only collecting the money once a month so you have to pay the full €10 on that night in order to take part for the first 4 sessions. 

Outdoor training at The Mall resumes on Friday September 8th and will be every Friday evening 7-8pm running on the grass and paths. We plan to book sessions on the indoor track at AIT for once per month. Attending both nights is highly recommended to build up fitness over the Fall\Winter to be ready for Indoor competition in February. It takes months to get in top form not afew weeks! Each of you can have an idea what events you want to work for and bring all your questions about what you need to be doing in training to the first session on Monday September 11th and we can work on training plans for sprinters, 200m, middle distance, cross country.