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As you are aware, Longford AC has spent over two years fundraising to build our own indoor training centre in Longford. Our efforts have culminated in us:

– raising €120,000 in our club raffle
– securing €500,000 in LEADER funding
– securing planning permission for our facility in the grounds of St Mel’s College Longford
– successfully tendering for a building contractor (who is ready to start)

As of January 2021, in order for this project to succeed we need to secure an additional €280,000. Our finance committee has exhausted all avenues of securing this additional funding. As such we hope that a basic loan scheme – in the form of repayable bonds – will help us secure this additional finance.

We have a long list of people who have brought us this far and to whom we are very thankful – club members, the people of Longford (at home & abroad), Longford County Council, councillors, LCRL, TDs, senators, lovers of athletics and sport in general… But the reality is we need one final push to ensure the project will be a success. So please – we really need YOUR help.

How You Can Help

  • Longford Athletics Club will sell bonds as a way of raising the final sum required for this project. A bond is simply a loan to Longford Athletics Club
  • Each bond has a value of €2,000. Of course, any loan above the minimum amount would be greatly appreciated. We know this is alot of money, and it’s hard for us to ask for such a sum at this difficult time. But this is an investment in our town and young people… and you will get your investment back.
  • The club guarantees to repay each bondholder €200 per annum over the 10 years from the issue of the bond.
  • There will be a legal agreement signed by Longford Athletics Club to ensure bond holders are guaranteed repayment of their bond.
  • All bond holders are in with a chance to win €200 every quarter over the 10 year term.

If you are interested in assisting with this incredibly important project, or discussing the scheme, which will have such a positive impact on our community, then please contact one of our committee members. Be assured, there will be no hard sell.

Donal Mulligan – 089 2346530
John Fitzpatrick – 087-2334600
Sean Crossan – 087 2639825

Level of Urgency

Please note that there is a level of urgency on obtaining this funding. Our LEADER funding criteria stipulates we need to have a certain level of funding in our bank account before we start development – hence the request for this loan. We would ask that if you can assist us that you contact us immediately (and by 26th February at the latest).

All Hands on the Track/Deck

Finally.. the club has only a finite number of club members – seniors and juniors…. Please do not leave it to others… Everyone needs to play their part. Please contact Donal, John or Seán if you can help us.

Donal Mulligan – 089 2346530
John Fitzpatrick – 087-2334600
Sean Crossan – 087 2639825

Our Vision

New Indoor facility (circa 80m x 20m) with Tartan running surface to include changing rooms, toilets, meeting room and storage areas with a small outdoor car park

Indoor facility with dedicated field event equipment such as throws area, high jump and long jump