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All senior and juvenile club members are encouraged to join us this Saturday, May 2nd, for a fun event in which we can participate together, albeit apart, and all for a good cause. Between 6am and 9pm, run/jog for exactly 30 minutes within your 2km radius of home. We hope to have at least 2 club members doing their own run/jog at any one time to create a 15-hour long virtual relay!

Senior Members: An email with the relay timetable has already been sent for members to select the 30-minutes time slot in which they can run/jog. Please select your time on the form if you haven’t done so yet. If you haven’t yet received the email, please send us a message or email

Juvenile Members: Our juvenile members, accompanied by an adult, are also very welcome to complete the 30 minutes run/jog in a safe setting within the 2km radius of home. Parents of any interested juvenile member are asked to send us a message or email

For a bit of fun, we will have a North Longford vs South Longford distance challenge. Using the location of St. Mel’s Cathedral as a dividing point to split the county in two, members will be assigned to a team based on their home address! From the distances recorded by everyone on the day, we will find out if the northsiders or the southsiders have covered the most ground in total!

In conjunction with the relay, Longford AC has joined the tremendous nationwide support of the Do it for Dan fundraising campaign by setting up a Go Fund Me page.  This great fundraiser has reached its overall original target, yet we would like to keep it going a little longer and show our support. All donations are very much appreciated.