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As I’m sure you are all very aware things have changed regarding Covid restrictions at Level 3 that affect the Connacht cross-country fixtures. There is no certainty that these races will be able to go ahead but planning is in progress in case restrictions are lifted at the end of October\ November. With this in mind we need to submit the list of Longford AC athletes that want to take part so that the Connacht committee can look at overall numbers that want to participate. The dates are not set but we are requested to submit our entries so this is more like ‘expression of interest’ to take part. 

We might be able to snatch a quick opportunity on the weekends of Oct 31\Nov 1st, Nov 7\8th or Nov 14\15 11th when allowed but we really are just playing by ear. As soon as any specific information is available I will update you.

Please send an email to the Club account ( with your name, date of birth and race age group that you want to enter.  You are allowed to enter both Even Ages and Uneven Ages – one will be your correct age group and the other moving ahead 1 year. If enough enter in the same age group we will form teams as well.

Deadline for entry: Sunday October 10th

Even Ages Races – To Be Confirmed  in  Sligo

U12 Born 2009 & 2010 = 2000m

U14 Born 2007 = 3000m

U16 Born 2005 = 4000m

Girls U18 (Born 2003) = 4000m     Boys U18 (Born 2003) = 6000m

Adult races Women 4K, Men 6K

Uneven Ages Races – To Be Confirmed  in Galway

U11 Born 2010 & 2011 = 1500m

U13 Born 2008 = 2500m

U15 Born 2006 = 3500m

U17 Born 2004 = 4000m Girls \ 5000m Boys

U19 Born 2002 = 4000m Girls \ 6000m Boys

Adult races Women 4K, Men 6K