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County Longford Primary Schools’ Relays Competition

Friday April 27th, 2018 At Clonguish GAA Grounds in Newtownforbes

Registration at 5:45pm, schools to bring completed Registration sheet already filled in with all their teams and have money collected to hand in. The first race goes off at 6.30pm sharp.
Entry cost €2 per child

Each year Longford AC host 2 events, the Primary Schools Cross Country in September and the County Primary Schools’ Relays Competition in April, to encourage school age children to engage in a healthy outdoor event while competing with their friends as part of a school team. Over 450 children from 16 different schools throughout the county participated in the Relays in 2017. The event takes place on a Friday evening and despite the number of participants it concludes in less than 90 minutes. Last year some principals and teachers attended with their schools while other schools arranged for parents to organise the pupils on the night.

Details of the 2018 event are outlined below:

2nd class to 6th class can enter teams. Each team must consist of 4 runner and can have up to 3 subs. Every team member will get the opportunity to run as there will be a race for all the subs over the same distance as one leg of the relay immediately after the team race i.e. 2nd class girls subs will run a 200m race immediately after the 2nd class girls’ race.

Students are only allowed to be on 1 team and can only run 1 leg of the relay. They are allowed to move up 1 class to complete a team i.e. a 5th class pupil can run on a 6th class team but they cannot run on both 5th and 6th class teams. Schools can enter a maximum of two teams per class and the registration fee is €2 per athlete.

Schools must complete the registration form for all their teams and collect €2 per student in advance and then a teacher or parent can bring it on the evening to get their race numbers
Any questions or further information email


5.45pm Registration in Sports Hall €2 per athlete


  • 2nd class girls 4 X 200m
  • 2nd class boys 4 X 200m
  • 3rd class girls 4 X 200m
  • 3rd class boys 4 X 200m
  • 4th class girls 4 X 200m
  • 4th class boys 4 X 200m
  • 5th class girls 4 X 200m
  • 5th class boys 4 X 400m
  • 6th class girls 4 X 200m
  • 6th class boys 4 X 400m

Each relay race will be followed immediately by the relevant subs race so the 2nd class girls relay will be followed by the 2nd class girls’ subs race.

Medals will be presented to the first three teams in each race. Medals also for first three individuals in each subs race. The Ray Flynn Trophy will be presented for the best school based on finishing positions in each race. 1st place 5 pts, 2nd place 3pts, 3rd place 1pt. Only one team from a school can score points in each race.