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Connaught Primary Schools & Connaught Senior Cross Country Championships

Longford Athletic Club will host the Connaught Primary Schools & Senior Cross Country Championships this year and this is an extremely important occasion for the club & county to host this competition, it’s been a long time since any Connaught event was ran in Longford.  This event will be held at Moyne Community School on Saturday 12th October at 1pm.  There are a number of events on the day including (1) primary schools boys & girls development walks, (2) the 4 primary schools cross country races and (3) Connaught senior cross country races, so a very busy day.  Walks will be the first competitions, followed by schools cross country races and then the senior races.  This year Connaught are running the Senior Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Championships as a league over 3 days. Athletes will be competing from 6 counties (Longford, Leitrim, Roscommon, Galway, Sligo & Mayo) and no doubt there will be keen competition on the day.  This is an excellent opportunity for our athletes to compete in our own county and have experience of running on the same course for these championships in advance at the County qualifying event. We would ask parents to give us help on the day as you can appreciate how much work there is and the club will contact you by web-text shortly about this, remember many hands make light work!!!!!