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Connacht Outdoor Competition, Sat June 9th

View Order of Events for the Connacht Outdoor competition on Saturday at Claremorris, Co Mayo.

Entry fee €5 will be collected on arrival.

Nearly all children are entered on relay teams ( U9 and 11 Boys teams, U10 and U11 Girls teams) so everyone must arrive 9am for warm up and to collect numbers. We will need a few parents to help with some small jobeens so please lend us a hand to help it run smoothly ( ie: collect entry fees for our group, mind the new singlets and collect money, line out the relay team for your age group and quick practice on hand overs).

Children please wear white shorts (or black if you don’t have any white shorts) and blue Longford AC singlet. I will have new singlets in all sizes, cost €25 each. If you do not have a singlet and do not want to buy one then child must wear a plain white t-shirt. This is Connacht competition rule.

Please bring sunscreen and food/drinks. The organisers will have a tuc shop ( ie:tea, buns) but this is limited and no shop in walking distance.

If any child is no longer available to attend please notify Leslie ASAP as when one child drops out it affects the other partner in the pair.

Order of Events