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Connacht Indoor Track & Field Championships, Day 2

25th February 2018 at Athlone IT

Longford Athletic Club juveniles were out in force competing on the second day, 25th February 2018, of the Connacht Indoor Championships held at Athlone IT International Arena. The 37 member squad competed in multiple track and field events as well as relay teams and qualified to advance to Athletics Ireland National Championships in 27 events.

The extensive programme saw 560 juvenile athletes in the U14+ age groups from across Connacht compete in a much wider scope of track events than was available to younger athletes on the previous day. Day Two requires a lot of stamina as most of Longford’s athletes competed in three to four events each including sprints, 200m and 800m.

There was mixed emotions after the relay section was completed as two of Longford’s fastest teams were disqualified after dropping the baton during hand over and ensuing lane violations. Over the past few years the Club has seen Provincial and National success in Relay, especially in 2017 when the U16 and 17 Boys 4X200 indoor teams both won All-Ireland Silver medals. Four Longford teams did reach the podium, Gold for U18 Girls and three sets of Silver for U15 Girls, U17 Boys and U19 Boys, all qualifying for National competition in April.

Longford AC’s most experienced athletes were in top form as Gospel Idahor, Yemi Talabi, Brendan Finnan, Killian Rawle, Cian McPhillips and Nelvin Appiah all advance in multiple individual as well as relay events. Newcomers Davidson Olusanya and Barbie Frias also featured on the podium winning a Gold, Silver and two 4th place finishes between them and advance in all their events.

The Athletics Ireland National Indoor Juvenile Championships take place at Athlone IT on three separate dates in March and April. Longford AC will have competitors in the following events:

Relay: U18 Girls 4X200m team- Gospel Idahor, Yemi Talabi, Teegan Murphy, Sarah Murphy, Adora Omolola, Barbie Frias

U15 Girls 4X200m team- Sarah McPhillips, Funmi Talabi, Avril Cosgrove, Kate Hagan, Kaela Brady

U17 Boys 4X200m team- Killian Rawle, Keelin McGann, Cian McPhillips, Christopher Conaty, Paul Idahor

U19 Boys 4X200m team- Aaron Kelly, Ronan Farrell, Nelvin Appiah, Kofi Appiah

60m Sprints- Funmi Talabi, Yemi Talabi, Gospel Idahor, Davidson Olusanya, Killian Rawle, Nelvin Appiah, Aaron Kelly

200m- Killian Rawle, Gospel Idahor, Nelvin Appiah

800m- Kate Hagan, Joe Reilly, Christopher Conaty, Cian McPhillips

1500m- Cian McPhillips

Hurdles- Brendan Finnan

High Jump- Derek Belton, Brendan Finnan, Nelvin Appiah

Long Jump- Sarah McPhillips, Davidson Olusanya, Barbie Frias, Yemi Talabi

Shot Putt- Barbie Frias, Teegan Murphy