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Calling all juvenile and senior members to try out this challenge…

The ‘Cheptegei Challenge’ is based on the world records set this year in both 5,000m and 10,000m by Uganda’s Joshua Cheptegei.  In August, he ran 5k in 12 minutes 35 seconds. Earlier this month, he broke the 10k record with 26 minutes 11 seconds.

chet challenge

How far can you run in the time he ran?!

** Juveniles are to run for 12:35 and seniors for 26:11 **

Over 3 weeks, it is a chance to try improve upon the distance you cover each time.  Complete the run at any stage during the weeks of:

  • Week 1: October 26 – November 1
  • Week 2: November 9 – November 15
  • Week 3: November 23 – November 29

After each run, please take a photo of your watch (or a screenshot from a fitness app) showing the run details and share it with us by direct message or by email to

These will be collaged and posted onto the page to show off our collective weekly efforts!

**Runs don’t have to be for the exact durations shown above, but close enough will also do!

***Members are welcome to try the challenge every week until December if they prefer!!