Upcoming Events for Juveniles

5k and 10k Road Race

Longford AC are holding their popular 5 & 10K road race on Sunday March 10th 2019 from the Mall complex.

Online Entry Now Open or people can register in person that morning just before the race.

Connacht Juvenile Indoor Championships 2019

at AIT Indoor Arena

Saturday February 23rd: Day 1 for U12 (Born 2008) and U13 (born 2007) only

Sunday February 24th: Day 2 for U14+ (Born 2006 and older)


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Note: all start times are estimates only. Events can start up to 45minutes ahead of time so please factor this in

Day 1 timetable

Day 2 timetable

Entry details

Entry Deadline 5pm Friday February 15th. NO late entries will be accepted.

Email entry to longfordac@gmail.com with child’s name, Date of Birth, contact phone number and the exact events you want to enter. 

You can enter max of 3 individual events plus 1 relay team

ALL relay teams from U12-U19 are 4X200m that means each runner must run a full lap of the track

There is 60m Hurdles for U12, it was not on the original list

Entry fee €5 per event will be collected at training on Wed Feb 13 from secondary school group\Friday Feb 15 from juvenile group. The Club will cover the cost of relay teams.

Other Information

Day 1 information: arrive at AIT indoor track at 9:15am, estimated to finish at 4pm. The 1st events start at 10am sharp. Bring snacks, drinks and lunch. 

Day 2 information: Even Ages Relays (U18, U16 &U14) are the first event at 10am sharp so these teams must arrive at 9:15am. All other athletes look at the Order of events to gauge the time to arrive. Remember this is only an estimate and events can start up to 45minutes ahead of time so please factor this in. You need to allow warm up time. The final event after expected after 4pm will be the uneven relays (U15, U17, U19)

NO drinking coffee\tea or eating is allowed inside the arena but there will be tables set up in the entrance area where you can sit to eat. The AIT canteen will be open.

Club Singlet

Children must wear blue Longford AC singlet (available to purchase €25) white shorts and white socks. If you do not want to purchase a singlet then it is Connacht rule that child must wear plain white shirt.

National Juvenile Indoor Championships

The top 4 from Connacht (except only top 3 in 600m\800m and relay teams) qualify for National Juvenile Indoor Championships on 30th & 31st March and 6th April 2019 at AIT.

Upcoming Competitions

19/01/2019 – National Indoor Combined Events
U14-U20 age groups only
Must be able to do all 5 events
Entry deadline Mon Jan 14th

27/01/2019 National Junior (U20) and U23 Indoor Track & Field Championship
at AIT
Entry deadline Fri Jan 18

03/02/2019 National Juvenile ‘B’ & Relays Cross Country
At Dundalk IT
Entry deadline Wed Jan 23

Juvenile ‘B’ Cross Country Distances *based on 2018 age group

U11 (born 2008) =1000m
U13 (born 2006) =1500m
U15 (born 2004) =2500m
U17 (born 2002) =3000m

Relays (4 x 500m) only 2 age groups: U12 (born 2007) & U14 (born 2005) *based on 2018 age group

Connacht Indoor Track & Field Championships
at AIT
deadline to be confirmed

Saturday 23rd February 2019 – U12 (born 2008) & U13 (born 2007) age groups only

Sunday 24th February 2019 – U14+ (born 2006+) age groups only

National Juvenile Indoor Track & Field Championships – 3 dates depending on event (30 & 31March, 6 April) at AIT, Athlone

4th Annual North West Games at AIT Indoor Track (Important Information)

Please wear the blue Longford AC singlet and only 5mm spikes (if you ran Cross Country you will need to swap out the xtra long spikes for the 5mm size)

Start time is 10am so you will need to arrive at 9:20am to do your own warm up in the area upstairs. Parent can collect your number. The Club has paid for all by cheque (€5 entry fee each- Edel will collect the money from you that morning)

It will be a very long day…bring snacks & drinks. The college is not back in session so it is not confirmed if the canteen will be open

Listen to all announcements calling the different age groups and events

From what I understand every result is based on the heat times, it doesn’t look like they run a semifinal\final be sure to do your best in your heat!

ORDER OF EVENTS – first events at 10 AM sharp


  • 6Om HURDLES – Clara, Sean, Senan
  • 200m – Sarah, Killian
  • 1,500m
  • 1,000m Walk
  • 60M – Rachel, Clara, Sean, Conor, Kaela, Sarah, Killian
  • 400m
  • 3,000m
  • 600m/800m – Rachel, Clara, Sean, Kaela
  • 4x200m Relays


  • Starting at 10.00am: Pit 1 Long Jump U/12, U/14.U /16 Girls;
  • Pit 2 Long Jump U/16, U/18, Jun, Sen, Masters Men ;
  • High Jump U/18, Jun, Sen, Masters Women;
  • Shot Putt U/18 Junior, Senior and Masters Men
  • *Then the next events will be: High Jump Sen, Masters Men;
  • Shot Putt U/18 Jun, Sen and Masters Women
  • Pit 1 Long Jump U/18, Jun, Sen, Masters Women;
  • Pit 2 Long Jump U/12,U/14,U/16 Boys – Senan, Conor
  • High Jump U/12, U/14, U/16 Girls;
  • Shot Putt U/12, U/14, U/16 Boys – Senan, Conor
  • Pit 1 Triple Jump U/16, U/18, Jun, Sen, Masters (W)
  • Pit 2 Triple Jump U/16, U/18, Jun, Sen, Masters (M)
  • High Jump U/12, U/14, U/16 Girls;
  • Shot Putt U/12, U/14, U/16 Boys

North West Games, Athlone – for Athletes 10+

The 4th Annual NORTH WEST INDOOR GAMES takes place on Saturday December 29th, 2018 at AIT Indoor Arena. All Clubs in Connacht have been invited to take part. Please open document to see more details.

The first event starts at 10am, detailed timetable and order of events will be issued a few days before. The Events are based on 2018 age groups (*you can move up a year for more challenge!)

All entries must be submitted and paid to organising County next week. They will NOT accept any late entry or no entries on the day. Deadline for Longford AC entries is 5pm on Monday December 10th.

The Indoor Track & Field Season starts in January and all children will move up 1 age group on January 1st. All children Born in 2008 will be U12 for all competitions in 2019.

This competition on Dec 29th is optional and is a pre-season warm up!

If your child is interested in competing please email longfordac@gmail.com with child’s name, date of birth and events they want to enter (maximum is 3 events).

Secondary School Athletes – Indoor Strength & Conditioning

For 6 weeks, starting on Monday November 12th, 6:55-8pm in the gymnasium at The Mall.

Cross Country Fixtures 2018

Co. Longford Primary Schools Cross Country Championships, includes a race for 1st\2nd year secondary school students  (NO senior race this year)

Saturday 29th September 2018 at Moyne Community School. Races start at 5pm sharp

Distances: 3rd/4th Class 800m, 5th/6th Class 1000m (1st/2nd  year Girls 1600m, Boys 2000m)

Connacht Primary Schools Cross Country Championships

Saturday 13th October 2018 at Bushfield, Loughrea, Galway. Races start at 12 noon sharp

Distances: 3rd/4th Class 1000m, 5th/6th Class 1200m.

AND Senior Leg 1 Senior league, women and O65 men 4km, men 8km, start time approx. 1.30pm women, 2.00pm men. From the AGM in 2017 it was decided to include a separate masters club team category alongside the open team category. It was felt that the age for the masters would make a better competition if it were increased to 40. When entering the League athletes must declare their category and then they cannot change it for the rest of the competition and they are only eligible to point in that category. All athletes must be over 18 to run in the league. Men over 65 can choose to run 4km as an individual or 8km to point for a team. Novice- must not have previously won an individual medal in the Connacht competition. Senior/Open- must be over 18. Masters- over 40.  No entry on the day.

Connacht Even Ages (U12 born 2007, U14 born 2005, U16 born 2003, U18 born 2001)

AND Senior Leg 2 approx. 2pm women (likely in conjunction with the U18’s), 2.30pm men. Same info as Leg 1.  No entry on the day.

Sunday 4th November 2018 at Sligo Racecourse, races start at 12 noon

For Club Team: 4-6 athletes to run with 4 to score, County Team: 6-10 athletes to run with 6 to score

Medals: First 12 individuals plus first 3 teams

U12 (born 2007) – 2000m U14 (born 2005) – 3000m

U16 (born 2003) – 4000m U18 (born 2001) Girls – 4000m, Boys – 6000m

Connacht Uneven Ages (U11 born 2008, U13 born 2006, U15 born 2004, U17 born 2002)

AND Senior Leg 3 approx. 2pm women (likely in conjunction with the U18’s), 2.30pm men. Same info as Leg 1.  No entry on the day.

Sunday 11th November 2018 at Belleek Woods, Ballina, County Mayo

For Club Team: 4-6 athletes to run with 4 to score, County Team: 6-10 athletes to run with 6 to score

Medals: First 12 individuals plus first 3 teams

U11 (born 2008) – 1500m U13 (born 2006) – 2500m

U15 (born 2004) – 3500m U17 (born 2002) Girls – 4000m, Boys – 5000m

 Cross Country Nationals:

Sunday 25th November 2018, National Even Ages, Seniors, Juniors Cross Country, at National Sports Campus,  Abbottstown, Dublin

Saturday 15th December 2018, National Uneven Ages, Novice Cross Country – Navan Adventure Centre, Navan racecourse

Sunday 3rd February 2019, National Intermediate, Masters, Juvenile ‘B’ Cross Country and Relays, at National Sports Campus,  Abbottstown, Dublin

Confirming Connacht Primary Schools Cross Country Races Going Ahead as Scheduled

Confirming Connacht Primary Schools Cross Country Races are going ahead as scheduled TOMORROW Saturday Oct 13th at Bushfield, Loughrea, Galway. start at 12 noon Sharp, plan to arrive by 11:30am

Come and Try Athletics

Longford Athletics Club ‘Come & Try’ demonstration
September 29, 4-6pm
At Moyne Community School

come and try athletics


Little Athletics and Juvenile Training Restarting

Little Athletics and Juvenile training are restarting this Friday Sept 7th at the Mall, 7-8pm.

For Little Athletics parents are requested to stay in the gym with their child for the hour.

2 important things to note for juvenile training this year:

  1. Children will not be allowed to walk thru the carpark alone so all parents will have to come over in person to collect their child when training finishes.
  2. No bathroom breaks will be allowed during the 1 hour session as we do not have enough adults to supervise bringing children inside the building. Parents please make sure all children take care of this before the training session starts.

Both Little Athletics and Juvenile groups need new adult volunteers to help every week. No experience necessary, you can learn on the job. It would be great if several parents took turns on a rotating basis as the large numbers of children requires more adult supervision.