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All children U12-19 about the upcoming Connacht Outdoor T&F Championships in June.

Connacht Outdoor Track & Field Championships 2015

Info for all athletes ages 12-19 years

U12 athletes compete on Saturday June 6th  (same day as U9-11 pairs)

U13-19 athletes compete on Saturday June 13th

Location for both dates is Claremorris, Co. Mayo

Athletes are confined to their own age group for all individual & field events. You may move up 1 age group to run on a relay team.

In 2015 Child will turn Age 11 years (Born 2004) = U12

In 2015 Child will turn Age 12 years (Born 2003) = U13

In 2015 Child will turn Age 13 years (Born 2002) = U14

In 2015 Child will turn Age 14 years (Born 2001) = U15

In 2015 Child will turn Age 15 years (Born 2000) = U16

In 2015 Child will turn Age 16 year (Born 1999) = U17

Athletes ages U12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 can only enter 3 events plus a relay team (athletes ages U17, 18 and 19 can enter 4 events plus a relay team).

U12s all must do a crouched start. The commands for all sprints are “on your marks” and “set”

Athletes from U14 upwards must use Starting Blocks. Blocks are optional for U12 and U13s.

U13, 14, 15 – One false start and all are on warning of next false start leading to disqualification.  U16 upwards First false start leads to disqualification.

ALL FIELD EVENT ATHLETES MUST BE TECHNICALLY PROFICIENT AND COMPETENT IN THE EVENT IN THE INTEREST OF SAFETY. In all field events except the High Jump and Pole Vault each athlete will get 3 attempts, and then the 8 best athletes will get 3 more throws/jumps. U12 Turbo Javelin rules and format are the same as javelin competition. 3 individual throws per athlete and the Top 8 get 3 more throws.

The first 4 winners in each event from Connacht qualify for the National Championships, except in the 600\800m it is only the first 3 that go through.

Athletes MUST wear the Longford AC Singlet in competition, white shorts and white socks.

Only 5mm spikes may be used.

Coaches and parents are not allowed on the track at any time. Any parent or club official found on the track risk the possibility of their athlete and club being disqualified.

Dates to note for those that qualify after the Connacht competition: GloHealth National Juvenile Finals at Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Day 1  Track & Field U12-U19 (hurdles and 600\800m)   Sat  4th July 2015

Day 2  Track & Field U12-U19 (sprint)  Sat 11th July 2015

Day 3  Track & Field U12-U19  Sun 12th July 2015

Day 4  Relays Sat 18th July 2015


U12-16 Athletes can chose 3 events plus a relay team

60m Sprint80m Sprint80m Sprint100m Sprint100m Sprint
60m Hurdles75m Hurdles80m Hurdles80m Hurdles
250m Hurdles250m Hurdles
2000m Walk2000m Walk2000m Walk
High JumpHigh JumpHigh JumpHigh JumpHigh Jump
Long JumpLong JumpLong JumpLong JumpLong Jump
Shot PuttShot PuttShot PuttShot PuttShot Putt
Turbo JavelinJavelinJavelinJavelinJavelin
Triple JumpTriple Jump
Pole VaultPole Vault
Relay 4X100mRelay 4X100mRelay 4X100mRelay 4X100mRelay 4X100m