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AIT Monthly Training

Training is scheduled once a month at the AIT Indoor Arena to give all our juvenile athletes the opportunity to gain experience on the track and become familiar with starting blocks, relay teams and field events (high jump, long jump and shot putt) so they are prepared for upcoming competitions. Extra help is always needed on the night and all parents are most welcome to lend a hand.

All Juvenile athletes that are entering competition should be aware of the following Athletics Ireland rules:

  • Age categories are calculated from 31st December in the year of competition. No athlete may obtain a birthday in the year of competition and compete in that age and athletes are confined to their own age group only.
  • A Club Singlet must be worn by every athlete in competition. The Longford AC singlet can be purchased at cost €25.
  • Only 5mm spikes may be used on the track.
  • When entering any field event athletes must be technically proficient and competent in that event in the interest of safety.
  • Relay Teams: an athlete may move up one age group as long as at least 2 members of the competing relay team participating in the event on that day must be of the correct age. For 17, 18, 19 age groups all athletes may move up one age group in relays.
  • IAAF False Start Rules apply. U16+ first false start leads to disqualification.
  • U12, 13, 14, 15. One false start and all are on warning of next false start leading to disqualification
  • Connacht Indoor Championship: U12-U19 age group. Each athlete may compete in maximum of 3 individual events plus a relay team.
  • All athletes U14+ must use starting blocks.
  • Connacht Outdoor Championship: starts at U9 age group. U9-11s compete with a partner as a pair and are only allowed to enter 2 events (with the same partner for both events or a different partner for each event) plus a relay team. U12-19 individuals may compete in maximum of 3 individual events plus a relay team.
  • U12 must do a crouched start. Below U12 standing or crouch start is optional. All athletes U14+ must use starting blocks.